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Ooty Vargi-ஊட்டி வர்க்கி

Ooty Vargi-ஊட்டி வர்க்கி

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Get a pleasure experience sipping your tea any time of the day, with the freshly baked Ooty Varkey.
Taste once, and you will continue to go for more.
The popular snack is distinct to the Nilgiris district. It gets its distinct flavour from the water of the Nilgiris that is used to make the sweet snack.
The varkey mix is baked in a firewood oven. The entire process takes around 12 hours. The product, which has a sweet and spicy variant, has to be consumed within 18 to 20  days.

With continuous improvements, the popularity of OotyMade Varkey increasing year on year and become the inevitable snack in which the tourist would prefer to take it back home.


All purpose flour, sugar and salt.


15 Days Validity.


Store in a stainless steel container.

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