About Us - Traditional Sweets Online | Pettikadai

'PettiKadai' is synonymous with those tiny shops at the corner of each street, from whose recesses are magically produced, every delicacy known to a child.

The sweets and snacks held in glass jars, arranged in a fashion to distract and tempt, have the children coming back for more every time.

Any childhood spent in India, is incomplete without queuing up in front of these cramped little shops.

We started this venture with the aim to digitise the PettiKadai.

Authentic and brilliant food, sourced from their places of origin and delivered right to your doorstep, is comfort redefined for the new age.

At PettiKadai, an online marketplace, we bring to you legendary foods that have created singular identities for their makers from the small towns of Tamil Nadu.

Choices aplenty, the traditional products listed here are for both, the taste aficionados and the health conscious.

The sort of food that evokes longing memories of childhood, these have withstood the test of time for far too long and are proof of the phenomenal Tamil cooking ingenuities.

Taking baby steps, we hope to one day reach out to foodies like us, across the globe. Just because you are far from home, does not mean your memories are.

To all of you, from all of us at Pettikadai - Thank you and Happy eating!

Native Food... Taste it... Spread it...