Pettikadai Health Mix

  • ₹ 640.00


Pettikadai Health Mix is made up of 29 natural  ingredients

A. Millets

1. Finger millet
2. Kodo millet
3. Foxtail millet
4. Little millet         
5. Barnyard millet
6. Pearl millet
7. Sorghum  

B.   Traditional Rice’s

8. Black Kavuni Rice
9. Kaatuyanam Rice
10. Mapillai samba Rice
11. Handpounded Rice
12. Barley Rice
13. Wheat
14. Corn
15. Sago     

C.  Pulses

16. Black Urad gram
17. Green gram
18. Horse gram
19. Soya beans
20. Roasted Bengal gram
21. Peanut
22. Black channa
23. Rajma
24. Cowpea ( Karamani)

D.  Nuts

25. Cashew nut
26. Badam
27. Pistachio

E.  Spices

28. Cardamom
29. Dry ginger


Directions For Use:

       *Take 30g(tbsp) of Pettikadai Health Mix stir with 300ml(1cup)

water or milk so no lumps are formed

   *Boil & Stir continuously for 5 minutes to avoid lumps

   *Add Natural jaggery,  or  Sugar to taste

   *Serve warm & enjoy the warms of health

Benefits of Pettikadai Health Mix:

   *Gives the body energy.

   *It is high in fibre and iron.

   *Tightens muscles and increases stamina. 

    *Good for the heart and also for maintaining optimum sugar levels.