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Tirunelveli Halwa-திருநெல்வேலி அல்வா

Tirunelveli Halwa-திருநெல்வேலி அல்வா

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Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli Halwa We are proud to offer the most authentic and delicious Tirunelveli Halwa, made with traditional methods and the finest ingredients. Tirunelveli Halwa,  is a favorite among sweet lovers all over the world, and we are excited to share it with you.

Whether you're a local in Tirunelveli or a halwa lover from afar, we invite you to experience the unique flavor and texture of our Tirunelveli Halwa. Shop now and enjoy the taste of tradition!

Ingredients of Tirunelveli Halwa

Wheat juice, Sugar, Ghee, Cashewnut.

Shelf life of Tirunelveli Halwa


Serving Guide of Tirunelveli Halwa

Halwa can also be warmed up for a few seconds before serving for a softer texture

FAQ's of Tirunelveli Halwa

 What is Tirunelveli Halwa?

Tirunelveli Halwa is a traditional sweet dish from the city of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, India. It is made with wheat flour, sugar, ghee, and water, and has a unique texture and flavor.

 Is your Tirunelveli Halwa vegetarian?

 Yes, our Tirunelveli Halwa is 100% vegetarian.

How do I store theTirunelveli Halwa ?

 Store the Tirunelveli Halwa in an airtight container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It can also be frozen for longer storage.

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